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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we hope to answer all your questions regarding everything on our site. Make sure that you read through all our answers on this page before you send us a question. If our FAQ section can't answer your question then feel free to contact us through our Contact Us page.

What is a print?
A print is a graphic image that has been duplicated one or more times. There are various techniques used to create a print, such as serigraphy (or silk screening), lithography, etching, and offset printing. Prints, especially limited editions, are considered fine art and can be highly valued. Back To Top

What is the difference between a wall poster, a fine art poster, and a fine art print?
Generally the difference is in the level of quality. Wall posters are typically printed in large volume on less expensive paper, fine-art posters are printed on high-quality paper, and fine-art prints are printed with careful attention to true color reproduction on high-quality paper. Back To Top

What is an original?
An original work is considered to be an authentic example of the works of an artist, rather than a reproduction or imitation. Back To Top

What is a reproduction?
A reproduction is a copy or facsimile of an original work. The end product of a reproduction is significantly faithful in its resemblance to the form and elements of the original. Back To Top

What is moulding?
Moulding is the wood or metal material used for framing a print or poster. At, we use the finest quality mouldings, just as you would find in traditional fine framing stores. Back To Top

What is foam board?
Foam board is a lightweight, stiff backing mounted or affixed to a print or poster prior to framing. The heat and pressure of our dry-mount press activates the adhesive coating on the foam board forming a smooth, permanent bond with the print. Back To Top

What is matting?
Matting is a stiff paper, fabric or suede border around a print or poster. Our matting is buffered to an alkaline pH (to prevent acid damage to the print) and provides consistent colors, clean creamy bevels, and smooth cuts. Back To Top

What is acrylic glazing?
Acrylic glazing is a pane or sheet of plastic composite often used in place of glass where safety and weight are a concern. Acrylic is much more impact-resistant than conventional glass and half the weight. At we use acrylic glazing for framed items with a size of 20" x 24" or larger. Back To Top

What is a canvas transfer?
A canvas transfer is a print or poster image that has been transferred and fixed to a canvas surface. The result is a piece of printed art that has the appearance of an original canvas painting without the high cost usually associated with original artwork. Our selection of canvas transfers are available stretched onto a wooden frame, ready to hang. Back To Top

What kind of glass do you use?
We use glass or acrylic on our framed products. We offer eight glazing options, including standard glass, non-glare glass, standard UV glass, non-glare UV glass, and standard acrylic, non-glare acrylic, standard UV acrylic, and non-glare UV acrylic. Back To Top

What is a laminated print?
A laminated print is a print that is enclosed between two clear protective films. The films provide protection against fading, fingerprints and other contaminates. Back To Top

What is a wood mounted print?
A wood mounted print is a print that has been mounted to a rigid 3/8" thick wood fiber board and then laminated with a UV filtering film. The lamination film provides protection against fading, fingerprints and other contaminates. The edges of the board are beveled and then colored black. Back To Top

Do You Sell Art On Your Website?
No. Please read our How It Works page for more details on what we do. Back To Top

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